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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art I am loving ... :)

Just when you think I fell off the face of the earth  ... ;) ... I pop right back up ... well ! this time ... I just had to ... :))
Pragati Sharma Mohanty ... (who has been following my blog for some years now) posted this series of her art work yesterday on facebook and wow ... wee ... it made my day ... :)
  I did notice some time back that she was working on the theme of Anthropomorphic animals for the last few months ... and ... as I spoke to her yesterday... here's what she shared about her work ... so in her own word's this is what she had to say ... " Initially I took inspiration from various mythological stories, for example Ganesha being a fusion of an elephant head on a human body...so I started exploring and reading about other references in mythological texts. A new book by Devdutt Patnaik called 'Pashu' is full of such lovely stories. Once I got the hold of the theme I started exploring by fusing any animal head on a human body. The results fascinated me every single time."

 You can see more of her older work on her website ... here or find her work here  and make sure you  search for Pragati Sharma Mohanty. Though ofcourse, her this series ... called the 'Lion Man' ... is so hot out of the oven that she has shared it on her facebook page so far .

 And I already put the deb's on this one above ... ;)) ... and while we are all loving her  new set of work ... it's even more amazing to know that the coffee series was very spontaneous. It started with an accidental spill and then the creative process took over ... yes, in the exact words of Pragati ... :)

 Done on ... 11" X 15"  Watercolor Paper with Coffee and Ink ... the 'Lion Man"

Being an enthusiast of history and mythology ... her words touch a special chord with me . And when Pragati says , "Surprisingly other world mythologies also carry very interesting parallels to Hindu mythology. Also folk tales like Jataka and Panchatantra, and their equivalents from Eastern European cultures, African etc are beautifully narrated in kids story books ... an inspiration can come from anywhere ... " ... I completely share her opinion and sentiments ... after all I am bringing up a 9yr. old and trying to share with her some amazing books on Indian mythology and draw parallels from across the world.
I do hope you find her work intriguing and thought provoking too ... if you are looking to pick up art for your walls ... will surely say ... go for it ... there aren't to many pieces. As always, pick art for a connect you may feel and feelings it may stir within you.
Thanks Pragati ... loved this series. Hope you create more wonderful pieces and stay inspired ... we'll all love to see more of your work.

P.S - In case you can't get through to Pragati ... e-mail me at rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com ... would be a pleasure to help you out.

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