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Monday, May 11, 2015

Introducing Gulmoharlane ... on the blog... :)

 As an Interior Designer ... a design blogger for good 8yrs ... being someone in whom so many of you invest their trust when it comes to design aesthetics ... I have a lot of reservations when it comes to picking brands to share on my blog.
But then, incidently... as I work with a dear friend to do up part of her home ... I find myself sounding quiet like an old harp ... ;)) ... constantly nagging her on the importance of investing and paying most attention to a great sofa ... :)
And lo and behold ... guess who comes knocking on my virtual doors ... its the amazing team of  Saurabh Ailawadi and Shweta Mewara ...  the co-founders of
Gulmoharlane .

As I go through www.gulmoharlane.com ... I have to say ... it is very exciting as a Designer to see the selection of sofas and chairs they offer. For a DIY 'er it is sure to be even more thrilling to finally find a destination where one can shop for the classic and contemporary designs. Infact they also offer an interesting range of coffee tables.

Its beautiful to read that at Gulmoharlane, they believe in using fabrics  made out of natural yarns like Linen and Cotton, which are at times handwoven.If they say..." anything natural excites us" ... they surely got my attention.

... as you browse their website ... be ready to be even more surprised ... not only do you get to know the inside story of your piece ... they assure you of the techniques of sofa making being the traditional way. Afterall, being based in Jaipur ... they have some of the best in woodworking craftsmenship.
You will even have the flexibility to pick your filling ... WOW ! really ...

  The way Gulmoharlane understands the need to fill in the gap between fine aesthetics ... value for money and ease of shopping ... is commendable  ... but then  both Saurabh and Shweta  have design background that is applaudable.
Saurabh (the founder and Managing Director), a NIFT graduate  ... whose who has been a visual Merchandising Head ... with brands like Steven Madden, Lee, Diesel, Nautica, Paul &Shark ... and brings in all his experience in handling design process... projects ... and sourcing furniture for these brands from India ...
Shweta(Co-founder and Creative Director) at Gulmohar Lane ... has been working with brands like ITS Wills, Madura garments, VF-Arvind Brands ... and on many design projects. She has a fashion design background and so  ... but naturally a great flare for home textiles and print design.

Ah ... Sooo ... well ! what all this means for you and me is ... we have finally a great place for picking up those most crucial pieces for our homes and interiors ... and there is someone out there who understands ... I don't just want to click on a picture and have it delivered to me ... wow! I get to make it all mine  ... bystarting right  from the fillings ...to the fabric and  ... well you know what why should I ruin all the surprise for you ... pretty sure you want to go discover their website yourself. So go right ahead (the banner below my header will always make it easy for you to remember what we were talking about and take you right to their website) ... . Ladies and Gentlemen , presenting ... Gulmoharlane to you ... for you.


Unknown said...

well written blog .... i know Saurabh Ailawadi since his childhood days ... he was creative smart and hardworking .... i am sure his products are also like him !!


Rajee Sood said...

Thankyou Kenny ... great to hear from you. A lot of people are sharing your vies with me ... looks like Gulmoharlane has got lot of people looking forward to their productline.

Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

I met Gulmohar lane on FB and now on your blog. Am sure it will be a wonderful experience to have a piece from them for am still looking for that elusive sofa

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