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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hibernating out the summer and finding my inspiration ... :)

Image Courtesy - Pinterest
This time of the year ... I am as usual recovering from hibernating  with my lil' babe's. No apologies ... all else in the world can wait, these moments I can never capture back. Not that these words pop out confidently ... there is tons of what if's and what not's, that play havoc with my head as I chuck a lot of work to the curb side.
But then what the hell ... lets move on ... and so as I live life of the domestic mama ... there is loads of fun ... looking at inspiration online ...;)) ... can't keep the fish out of the water too long can we ... :)
But seriously, as I collect a lot of these amazing and oh! so inspiring images ... I must share them with you too. Recently, I have been talking a lot with folks around me as to what makes any space that special something ... :) ... did you say money spent on it ... ah! no dear ... it's the thoughts behind it all ... its the ' FEEEEELING ' that counts ... Any, one - interesting ... character defining piece ... and we have an amazing design. (Doesn't mean you don't look at the overall picture)
As I travel in the mountains ... I pass by a lot of small towns which are major lumber sources for the city folks ... no :) ... not the wood ... but the leftovers ... always get me all droolly ... my current obsession had me peeking around for inspiration even more ...
Image Courtesy - Pinterest
One of my fav. play on design is, piecing a collection together ... yep ! never the big one on matching ... co-ordinating is more my thingie ... :) So here's to exploring those special elements for our spaces ... making them our signature homes. There is so much fun I have over at pinterest ... drop by my reclaimed wood furniture  folder for having a looky at some of the pictures inspiring me ... :) ... right here.

 Image Courtesy - Pinterest
 Image Courtesy - Pinterest
Hope you are inspired to do that ..." think out of the box  magic" ... dare to be different and put something together  on your own ... or at least ask your designer how you can get some quirky element in ... and ... hope you have fun doing it ... don't forget to pop by our reclaimed wood furniture folder at pinterest. ... I am pretty sure you'll have fun there too.

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