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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Latest in Art ceramics at Rajee Sood Home ... :) A shout out to all collectors ...

 It was always a dream of mine to work with some of the finest art talent of India ... as we start with ceramic art at our boutique store. I have to say I am over the moon ... besotted ... and so completely bowled over by the art coming through our door. And the latest one to debut with us is ceramist - Shweta Mansingka.

 If you are a collector or looking to start ... her pieces are one of the best idea for your collection. Sure to be a pride possesion. We have with us ... her fruit creations done in the Raku and Saggar firing techniques.

 Pomegranates ... melons ... pears ... sphere's ... domes ...  her shapes are as appealing as is the thought behind her creations. In her own words ... " these ceramic pieces are lovingly crafted and fired in a Raku Kiln to let smoke and fire leave its markings on their skin, making each piece unique."

 We just arranged the pieces on our shelves and funny as it sounds the biggest of the art pieces did not even make it to our display ... barely out of the wrapping's ... it was picked up by a sweetest lil' fella ... for his Aunt. A Rakhi gift ... Wow! ... that's one lucky bua ... :)

Loved the lil' one for all his confidence in knowing exactly what appealed to him ... and he was absolutely confident ... its got to be the red saggar fired sphere, off centered on our Guava wood base... na ... not the white Raku one for him ...  :)
Well, lil' one hope you made your Aunt's day ... it was amazing meeting you ... :)

Drop by if you'd like to catch a glimpse of Shweta's art ... at our boutique store ... just google us as Rajee Sood Home and maps is sure to direct you to  ...
                                                      C- 42, NIRVANA COURTYARD,
                                                      SEC- 50, GURGAON -122018
                                    CALL US @ 0124 4005007 for any help with the directions

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