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Friday, August 11, 2017

Cow Head ... art pieces and good luck charms ... :)

 Arrived at the boutique today these beautiful ... collectible pieces. As I unwrap and  lay them on the bench to figure out our display. Couldn't help calling up our supplier to get all the stories behind these. Aaah ! and what do I hear ... :)))))) ...

 ... apparently these painted cattle heads are auspicious pieces ... part of the Pongal or more specifically Mattu Pongal ... celebrations. Well ! the whole story is that ... during Pongal, the harvest festival ... these decorated pieces are part of the procession of the Kochira temple. As a thanksgiving to the cattle that are part of a good harvest ( day being marked as Mattu Pongal) ... not only are the cattle decorated ... but these wooden pieces are made in amazing colours and designs.

After the end of festivities ... these pieces find places at home ... as a good luck charm. Now if animals are good luck charm and revered for that ... I am all sold to those thoughts ... :) and so glad my curiosity about why these pieces are created finally lead to a beautiful story being uncovered. Hope many of you who also may have wondered about them ... are as fascinated as I am ... :))
If you are looking for a closer peak ... want to get a good luck charm for your home this coming festive season ... come right over ... we do have a limited stock before the rest of them arrive ... do drop by at  our boutique.
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