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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

# Indian Spring ... ;)

 It is always nagging me ... the thought as to why I have given up blogging. Time and again I do come back to try the same hand at it ... but something feels amiss. Well ! I get a lot of queries if I'll get back ...  honestly, I am going to give it a shot again.
So here goes ... sharing another of our rituals you all may be so familiar with. My lil' one and I are so crazy about getting the back flowers and twigs from our sojourns into the world outside... :) ... this time I got these gorgeous blossoms from her school ... yes, the entire school bag full of them ... :)
Here, in North India we have a very short spring ...  it starts on the Basant Panchami Day ( official first day of Indian Spring according to our lunar calendar) ... and we'll probably be done by a little into March.
But the blossoms on the trees around shall be spectacular ...  as these ... from the India Coral tree. Soon to follow are the Semul ( red silk cotton) ... Gul mohar ...  Laburnum. oh! ofcourse the Kachnar (Bauhinia) is blooming like crazy these days ... but I am waiting for that time when forests come alive with the Teshu (Flame of the forest).

Not sure why we jump from winter directly to summer ...  short but truly spectacular is our Indian Spring ... I suddenly have a new found fascination for this time of the year... :)
How about you ...  cause I know I haven't even covered half the blossoms out there ... I do find my self hastagging my posts with spring thoughts as #indianspring ... would love to bring more attention to this gorgeous time of the year here in India ... what do you think ... have you got some great #indianspring stories at your end ... ;)

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