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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A big kinda thanks ... over due for my Graphics Designer ... :)

In the middle of shooting some of our newer pieces ... a bummer realisation ... like ... oh! S*** ..., so every time our pieces head out ... I love the look of our Tag dangling along. Aaaand have I acknowledged the creative lady behind the look ... ABSOLUTELY NOT ENOUGH ... (eeks) ...;))

So, this ... here is my official BIG ... THANKYOU ... to Smita Raghani Veer ... the one and only who braved my fusspot attitude to give me for my logo ... something I really did love.

If you read through all the lovely things her other clients have to say about her on her website here ... I completely agree, she totally gets into understanding your business so smoothly. Its almost like someone reading your mind( at least for me it was) ... :)
Smita, thanks a ton ... its great to have discovered someone with your kind of creative mind Will be super excited to think of a newer project to work together ... ;))

1 comment:

scribbles said...

Thank you.. thank you.. thank you .. It was a great pleasure working with you and I am really touched by this gesture/post

Love always

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