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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don't miss our Season -3 of Vajri's ... the sale is on ... :)

Do pop over to our website ... www.rajeesood.com , have a peek at our ( as Amrita Tripathy says," season -3 of Vajri's " ) ...  :))) Oh ! yes ... they are on. Mind the dates ...  Oct. 30th - Nov. 12th, 2013. So you can catch our sale before Diwali and some of you who have taken off for a Diwali break ... you'll still have good time to come back and catch it... :)
For those of you who have shopped with us before ... its the same ol' way ... for all those falling in love with our pieces for the first time ... here's how simple shopping for them is ...

Step 1: Fall in love with a piece/pieces ... :))

Step 2:  E-mail us the product code and pick your preferred payment mode ( see the page that pop's open when you want to shop)

Step 3: Get your invoice in 2 working days ... as soon as your payment is through ... your piece is shipped out to you.

For allllllll  those who have been upset with me ... I do hope this makes up for it ... I really-really do hope so ... :))  And as for the entire store coming back on ... :) ... working on that ... ;)
If you still have aaaannnnny queries ... shoot us an e-mail at ...  rajeesoodhome(at)gmail(dot)com  ... would love to help.

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