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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Good Morning Thought ... :)

Found this picture on Pinterest last night. Aaand it pretty much justifies a lot ... after my first reaction ... a sigh ! and a Hmmm! ... I figured ... Art really does make all of us Happy ... what I call art, may quiet simply be the plain white canvas hanging behind my sofa (which for some reason everyone is itching to splash with something or the other ... ;)) ... am I glad its my home and I have the ultimate say in what I hang ...:)) ... ) not  to forget the gigantic bamboo stick in my giant white  pot. I never like to give justifications for what I love having around my house ... but if I ever was to give one ... this picture would pretty much say it all for me.
Yes ...  we all have our own definition of what is Art ...and ... it makes us Happy !!!
Have a great day and love surrounding yourself with your kind of art ... :))

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well said...the happiness we get from it is immense..

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