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Monday, December 15, 2014

Lets talk flowers on a chilly winter morning ... :)

On a chilly winter morning like today here in Gurgaon ... a little talk about flowers can sure perk me up. Anyways, it has been sometime we talked about arranging flowers.
Bunch of green mums at my florists looked very attractive. And knowing my love for miniature arrangements around the house ... just one bunch and I had tiny lil' ones all over ... :) Ofcourse, not to say that I have a separate set of straight white glasses only for this.

Everytime I go on without the flowers or green ... it feels like something is not quite o.k around the house. And moment I get even a small bunch  ... hmmm ... you always wonder," ... now why didn't I think of it earlier ..." .... ;)
... and if it feels right to me ... bunch up a few glasses together ... why ... cause I can and I love it ... :))
Hope you are getting into the mood to experiment with some new variety of flowers ... or try some tiny arrangements like these ... ;) It sure puts you into a comfort zone and no calories to worry about either ... and incase you are going to be really happy and start snacking ... hey! join the gang ... :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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